Find Updates

Hot on the heels of the 0.5.0 release, comes 0.5.1. This addresses a minor visual bug but also some tweaks to the find feature.

We’ve added the ability to search in both directions. This is an obviously useful feature, but we left it out initially while we figured out what we could include without cluttering the interface.

After some deliberation about how Find behaves around the start and end of documents, we’ve decided to just allow it to wrap in both directions. So, if you’re searching forwards then you’ll eventually jump back to the beginning, and backwards will loop you back through the end. If you do a replace all then ImmersEd will replace all instances in the document from start to finish , no matter where the cursor is currently.

Finally, we’ve enabled F3 as a short-cut for Find Next and Ctrl-F3 for Find Previous. A nice tip is that if you have some text and want to find other instances then all you have to do is select the text you want to find and then you can use those short-cut keys without even opening up the find interface. It’s all about keeping you focused on the writing.

0.5.0 and the Updated Find/Replace UI

Find/Replace UI example

We’ve just released 0.5.0 of ImmersEd, our free, full-screen editor for writers. The intentions in the 0.5 line are to revisit some of the existing features and spruce them up a bit. We’ve started with the Find/Replace feature. Now, if you press Ctrl+F you’ll be presented with this (click to load full-size):

Find/Replace . . . → Read More: 0.5.0 and the Updated Find/Replace UI

Notes Feature

The 0.4 release of ImmersEd introduced the embedded notes feature. This allows you to quickly and easily add notes to your writing with some simple mark-up. You can use it to embed research notes, TODO’s or to add scene or section summaries while structuring your work.

There are two mark-up styles. If you just . . . → Read More: Notes Feature