immersed logoImmersEd is a free, full-screen text editor aimed at those who wish to write with minimal distractions. ImmersEd is available for Windows XP (with service pack 2), Windows Vista and Windows 7.

ImmersEd offers:

Full-screen mode – remove all distractions.

notes feature

Embedded Notes

Embedded Notes – text can be tagged as a note, with a label for easy reference. Notes are folded in the document and can be popped open for editing or reading. A sidebar widget allows you to view all your notes, sort by label or position and to jump to any of them.


Green-Screen theme

Visual Themes – you can adjust the colours and font and save these preferences as named themes.

Sound Themes – for those who like audio feedback when typing, ImmersEd comes with a selection of manual and electric typewriter sounds and also a “Buckling Spring” theme for those missing the IBM Model M keyboard.

Standalone or Installed – download the installer if you want ImmersEd as a standard Windows application or just grab the zip and extract it to wherever you like. ImmersEd is quite happy on a flash drive and won’t write anything outside of its own directory unless you tell it to.

Plain text mark-up – bold and italic can be flagged via *asterisk* and _underscore_ mark-up.

mark-up image

RTF Support – ImmersEd can load and save RTF format files for import and export with other applications.

Live spell-check via Hunspell (as used in Firefox and Open Office)

info items example

Info Panels

Info Panels – the sidebars can be populated with information items, including a live word count and a session target tracker.

Auto-Save – ImmersEd can save your work to a secondary file based on time or the number of words or paragraphs you have changed.